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  • September 20, 2023 03:30 am - September 21, 2023 03:30 pm
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  • Ehsas Welfare and Social Services Organization
  • +93 (0) 799 394 015
  • http://www.ehsastrust.af


1- Collecting winter aid for the needy people.

2- Providing food, clothes and health services in the winter season for the needy people.

3- Protecting victims of natural disasters.

4- Complicity and coordination with good people to help needy people.

5- Developing construction services for homeless people.

6- Helping people who are in emergency situation.

7- Treatments of poor people

8- Creating job opportunities for unemployed people.


The topics discussed in the provided list revolve around providing aid and support to the needy, particularly during the winter season. The focus is on collecting winter aid, such as food, clothing, and health services, for those in need. There is an emphasis on increasing humanitarian aid throughout the country and protecting and assisting victims of natural disasters. Additionally, the topics address addressing society’s problems, coordinating efforts with good people to help the needy, developing construction services for the homeless, dealing with emergencies, increasing healthcare aid, creating job opportunities for the unemployed, and helping the needy remain resilient in times of crisis.