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Malaysia’s Humanitarian Relief Mission to Afghanistan appreciates Ehsas/EWSSO’s

Active role in distributing Malaysian government’s aid to the people of Afghanistan

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Ehsas Welfare & Social Services Organization is one of the leading, non-profit organization, fully dedicated to humanitarian services since 2016. Ehsas’s workers and volunteers continue to work tirelessly for the relief of affected people across the Provinces of Afghanistan. Our dedicated services include health services, education, orphan care, clean water, helping victims of natural disaster and other social services.

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President’s Message

Message from Professor Abdul Fatah Jawad, President of Ehsas Welfare and Social Services Organization (EWSSO), on the occasion of New Year (2024)

For the thousands of volunteers and employees of Ehsas Welfare and Social Services Organization (EWSSO), I extend my warmest wishes for a joyful new year in 2024 to all kind, compassionate, and giving men and women in Afghanistan and throughout the world.

I ask God Almighty to grant us harmony, peace, prosperity, and kindness in the upcoming year so that poverty will be eradicated and everyone can live a life of value, dignity, and tranquility.

brothers and sisters It is unfortunate to report that Omicron, a deadly menace that has escalated into a major concern for the world’s economy and health, among other things, is presently plaguing the planet.

However, our beloved Afghanistan is also coping with serious local and international problems like child and woman hunger, unemployment, and poverty in addition to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Afghanistan is a poor, impoverished nation that is deprived of the most basic needs and desires in life. More over half of the population in our country is underweight and food insecure, and if this condition continues, people will unavoidably die horribly.

Ehsas Welfare and Social Services Organization (EWSSO), which assures you that it will genuinely work to deliver your donations to the deserving, kindly requests that you take a meaningful interest in and engage with the difficulties that our people are facing.

Uzair Ahmad Jalal, [1/17/2024 9:43 AM]
By depending on its open and reliable method for providing humanitarian aid to Afghanistan’s impoverished and internally displaced population, you can use the Ehsas Welfare and Social Services Organization (EWSSO) as a conduit between yourself and the less fortunate.

With your help, Ehsas Welfare and Social Services Organization (EWSSO) provides aid to the impoverished and in need throughout Afghanistan.

Abdul Fatah Jawad President of EWSSO

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