• Office Address: Qala-e-Fathullah-12th street, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • (+93) 731 656566
  • Kabul, Afghanistan
  • (+93) 731 656566

Our Guiding Principles

Ehsas Welfare and Social Services Organization (EWSSO) follows the seven international organization principles of

  • humanitarianism,
  • non-partisanship,
  • neutrality,
  • independence,
  • unity,
  • and


Anyone who works at EWSSO, whether as an employee, representative, or volunteer, is required to adhere to the following code of ethics.
Violations and reporting requirements: If anybody working for EWSSO is discovered to be in violation of the Code, EWSSO may terminate his or her job or affiliation with EWSSO.

Harassment: EWSSO does not accept any physical, sexual, or psychologically objectionable conduct, bullying, threats, or abuse and investigates all allegations thoroughly and promptly.
Preventing sexual exploitation and abuse: EWSSO will not accept the payment or exchange of employment, goods, or services for sexual conduct with a recipient.
Child protection: Physical and/or emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, or exploitation that endangers a child’s health, growth, dignity, or ability to survive is strongly forbidden by law and EWSSO. Children’s personal information must be kept secret.
Forced labor and human trafficking: EWSSO prohibits forced labor and human trafficking.
Corruption and fraud: EWSSO expects all employees to protect the organization’s resources and assets (money, supplies, equipment, etc.). Bribes, commissions, and facilitation payments are all forbidden. EWSSO’s funds and property may only be used for legitimate purposes and activities. All financial transactions must be fully and accurately recorded and documented as soon as possible. Because taking pricey presents may impair, or appear to impair, a person’s capacity to operate in EWSSO’s best interests, it is banned for any worker to take gifts of any sort during operations or labor.
Potential Conflicts of Interest: In the event of a conflict of interests between employees or between a worker and EWSSO interests, EWSSO will decide how to resolve the dispute without consulting opposing parties.
Laundering of funds: EWSSO requires its employees to pay or receive money from individuals or organizations who make profit illegally.
Procurement: All purchasing decisions must be open and fair, and must follow the EWSSO Procurement Policy and Guidelines.
Anti-terrorism laws, sanctions, and embargoes: EWSSO expects its employees to abide by the anti-terrorism laws, sanctions, and embargoes that apply to the country.
Environmental obligations: We expect our employees to respect all environmental rules and not harm the environment.
Data Protection: Without authorization, personal information about beneficiaries or staff, as well as information about EWSSO and its donors or partners, should not be disclosed.