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Drinking Water Supply System in Barmal District Paktika Province

Ehsas Welfare & Social Services Organization is practically active to ensure the provision of clean drinking water by installing hand-pumps, drilling water-wells in remote water-scarce areas and supplying water to homes in villages through its water schemes. EWSSO Clean Water Program takes every possible measure according to the needs of the water-scarce regions to implement its mission.

A Clean storage of water was built in Ar cha area of Barmal district for the earthquake-affected families.

Access to clean water is one of the problems which most of mankind is faced with and has affected the lives of humans around the world.
Afghanistan by having most of the sources of water is one of the regions which suffer from the said problem and may cause some more problems as well.
After happening the earthquake disaster in Barmal district of Paktika province in June 2022 Ehsas welfare and social services organization found that there is a lack of clean water as well. So the administration conducted a survey in the area and found some natural fountains with abundant portions of water. The team started the practical work on them first the sources were collected in one specific area and then it was carried to the main storage. The length of the fountains and storage is more than one and a half kilometers.
The storage was built in fundamental shape according to the norms and has a capacity of 84000 liters. The stored water is distributed amongst different villages and by establishing eight stand taps the residents have direct access to clean water.
The organization submitted the storage to the people and two envoys amongst them are responsible for better managing the distribution of water and other related works.
EWSSO is going to build some more storage for the countrymen to help them to have access to clean water.


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